Our School of Awake astrologer consults with clients Monday through Friday between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM PACIFIC COAST TIME. Calendar openings are shown in the online booking system. Please choose 'New' or 'Returning' client, ' 30, or 60 minutes and a date and time that works for you. 


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We currently only offer phone consultations.

Clients must pay when they book. Credit cards, or debit cards are accepted.


You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully book an appointment. NO CONFIRMATION EMAIL MEANS NO APPOINTMENT WAS SCHEDULED! 


IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN ACCURATE BIRTH TIME, please make an effort to get one. Most states offer long form or vault copies of your birth certificate where the time is listed. 

THERE IS A 48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. You may cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 48-hours ahead by sending an email to: schoolofawakeastrology@gmail.com

Please note: Our School of Awake astrologer has the right to end the call at any time should the consultation become volatile or disruptive in any manner. No refund and no explanation necessary. 


Under California State Law, it is understood that all consultations are for the purposes of entertainment only. No expressed or implied guarantee of the effects of the use of the recommendations from your consultation can be given or liability taken

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