At a very young age, Kidada found her unique style, mixing the comfortable and contemporary resulting in an eclectic, casual chic. Kidada’s passion for style led her to fashion school at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. While there, she majored in trend analysis, color theory, and marketing. Subsequently she spent six years as lead cover stylist and contributing editor for Vibe magazine. A cover shot of Michael Jackson earned her praise in the industry, and caught the attention of designer Tommy Hilfiger. Jones was recruited and  became a muse for the Tommy Jeans line. The affinity Jones and Hilfiger shared for urban music and its role in the marketplace, earned Jones an invitation to learn several aspects of Hilfiger’s company - from design, to marketing, to modeling. Jones worked with Tommy from 1994 to 2002. Tommy was the perfect mentor for Kidada’s young and innovative talent. 


In pop culture she earned and retains the title of "It Girl" for her generation.


Kidada’s success stemmed from her effortless, clean style and her modern approach to image building. From 2001-2005, she worked with Snoop Dogg to create his successful signature line. At the same time, she creatively consulted for fashion-forward and consumer product brands such as Pepe Jeans, Sony, Warner Bros, Motorola and John Frieda as well as serving as a West Coast editor for Vibe magazine.



In 2005, Kidada came to Disney Consumer Products (DCP) with a vision of bringing her unique fashion sense to the iconic brand. Her fresh sense of high design and street chic proved the perfect match. In addition, she brought many strong partnerships into play which helped DCP position itself in the specialty market.

Kidada’s tremendous talent and trend-setting network proved essential to the redefining of Disney, as an aspirational brand.  Following her key role with DCP, the Disney Store Worldwide brought Kidada on as the first ever exclusive in-store designer.  Designing a range of products from apparel and jewelry to vinyls and the unique and originally created, Wish-A-Littles, a set of peek & reveal iconic characters complete with their very own branding and original artwork.



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